heel pain 2Neurogenx Treatent is an electro-medical treatment that involves the use of electronic waves.  These waves reach beyond the muscles and provide relief for both neuropathy and neuromuscular pain.  Neurogenx is non-invasive, non-surgical and non-narcotic, and is FDA approved.  The treatment provides change in the cells that reduces swelling by removing excess fluids and waste and ultimately relieving pain.

Neuropathy can cause the hands and feet to tingle and become numb, and its traditional treatments are often ineffective, only work short-term, or require narcotics to mask symptoms.  Neurogenx provides an FDA-cleared alternative that has a cutting-edge electro-medical protocol.  Published medical studies suggest that this treatment provides around an 87% reduction in symptoms.  Neurogenx has shown to be effective no matter what chronic nerve is responsible for the neuropathy.  If you are struggling with neuropathy, consult with Dr. Lebaschi about using the Neurogenx treatment.

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